Homework Overload 2020: Perils for College Students

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Homework Overload 2020: Perils for College Students

Homework is a classical and proven method of learning. How much a college student should work after their classes is a major point of discussion in academic media. Too much is as counterproductive as too little. In an attempt to find a proper balance, professionals offer different approaches. Studies show that investing more than two hours daily into doing homework is fraught with getting stress, depression and certain somatic health conditions. Additionally, this leaves young people no time to enjoy relaxed relations with their family and friends, which means negative social implications.
The homework overload also tends to result in poorer academic performance, the causes being continuous tension and fatigue. Eventually, this kind of stalling kills a student’s motivation, which only further deteriorats the knowledge acquiring process. That said, an unreasonable amount of home assignments is undesirable for everyone: a student, their family and their academic institution. Correction (or, preferably, avoiding) of the situation should be a concern of all the parties involved. While many underestimate the fact, parents can make a significant contribution too.

Psychological Effects of Homework Overload

While physical fatigue tends to go unnoticed when you are young, some mental implications can occur, both immediate and long-term, especially in geometry homework . Along with the abovementioned loss of motivation, some issues may arise which can be categorized as health problems. Temporary or permanent stresses are number one to mention. They, in turn, usually cause sleeping disorders. The lack of physical activity is another factor indirectly contributing to poor academic performance.
Being continuously exposed to pressure of homework to do often causes anxiety in college students. A fear center is activated in their brain making the young body consume excessive amounts of energy. As a result, nervousness outweighs actual efforts required to complete an assignment. Even the students who excel may get worried about quality of their works unwilling to receive an extra portion of criticism.

How Parents Can Help with Homework

Being actually one of the parties involved into the educational process, parents can play an important role when it comes to rendering assistance to their student child. If you, as a parent, notice that the homework load is too hard and thus affects the comprehensive development of your son or daughter, consider doing the following:

  • Visit the college to meet teachers and find out their expectations. This will help you act in the right direction when trying to relieve your child’s stress.
  • At home, create a study-friendly area for your student. This involves providing them with all the necessary stationary, a PC or laptop, access to the Internet and other facilities that make the study process easier.
  • Help your child with planning their homework activities. The efficient use of time helps avoid stress and fatigue. It also boosts productivity, as working during different time slots will bring different results.
  • Once you see your child stalling, try to explain them the importance of staying motivated and achieving goals set. However, avoid prioritizing study over leisure activities, as both are important.

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