Electrical engineering is often confused with electronics engineering. Many people believe that this branch of engineering studies electrical components, which are operated by electricity. This is not true. Some decades ago, electronics really was a part of electrical engineering. Nowadays, they are separate, though adjacent, disciplines, both being important for the economy. The major point of difference between electrical engineering and electronics engineering lies in the fact that the electrical engineering basically deals with the study of methods of electric power transmission in the form of electricity, while electronics investigates the methods, which can be applied to process data using electricity. Of course, these two disciplines have much in common, because of their common origins. Still, our writing service consider them separately.

The most important feature characteristic to electrical engineering is that this domain of engineering requires a great variety of knowledge belonging to other subjects: math, physics, science, or programming. That is why an engineer should be proficient in the subjects listed above to be a good specialist in his field of activity. Many students believe electrical engineering to be the most difficult discipline to study, which is not true, though. And the true is that this specialty requires dedication and focusing on mastering the concepts. Not every student is ready to spend time and zeal required to succeed. Those who work hard on mastering their profession become highly estimated engineers that the market needs so much. There are numerous fields where electrical engineers are in demand. For example:

  • Mechanical industry. This is a huge market with lots of work places for qualified engineers with electrical background. It comprises designing of new mechanisms and machines and power related activities with mechanical bias.
  • Energy sector: It is the primary branch of study of the discipline discussed. Energy sector is probably the major field where electrical engineers can apply their knowledge and skills. Every project in this domain requires their abilities.

Undoubtedly, electrical engineers will find job in other areas as well. Among them: manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, utilities. In fact, almost every industry needs them to some extent.
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