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H. G. Wells The Country of the Blind Book Report

Who does not know the plots of the most famous novels by HG Wells: “The Time Machine”, “The War of the Worlds”, “The Invisible Man”, “The Island of Dr. Moreau”. These works are quite dynamic, the adventure and fantasy lines in them are so powerful that they obscure the philosophical basis of these works for many readers.

But the English science fiction writer, in almost every work of his, raised a topic that later turned into an independent direction of fantastic literature, and without the philosophical problem inherent in it, this would hardly have been possible.

The short story “The Country of the Blind” carries such a global ideological meaning that it deserves to be called almost the best work of the writer. And I am frankly surprised by its relative unpopularity among “advanced” readers, and even more surprised by the reviews already written and published – people see some particulars or even something that is not mentioned in the story, but the main thing slips away from their attention, as if ironically over the name – “Country of the Blind”.

The basis of the book is that a sighted person gets into the society of people who are blind from birth, fenced off from the outside world, but instead of becoming “king in the country of the blind”, he is rejected. His ability to see is not in demand here, moreover, everyone takes him for a madman, because what he talks about simply does not exist, all his stories are just sick fantasies that go against experience and common sense.

Are you surprised by what I wrote? Yes, this surprises us, because we are endowed with the ability to see, but imagine that you exist perfectly in a world where no one has such an ability, and society is ideally adapted to life in such conditions. Or let’s put it differently, everyone has heard about the “third eye”? Only no one has seen him, and most people do not believe in the reality of his existence, and those who claim to have such an ability are defined as crazy.

The “Country of the Blind” is not some village in the Andes, this is our world with you, it is we who live in the country of the blind, because we are not allowed to perceive the world in other dimensions and with other senses. We are able to perceive only that matter, read – reality, which is registered by our senses. Who am I in the land of the dlind… So do not rush to condemn the inhabitants of the “blind village” for inertia and savagery, they are very advanced in understanding the world that is given to them in sensations, their cosmography is almost flawless, everything has a logical and concrete explanation, and it is sober rationalism that does not allow them to accept seriously the stories of their guest.

And against this background, definitions that, they say, Wells’ story about “victorious totalitarianism” look completely out of place. In the modern world, it is fashionable to look for protest against this very totalitarianism in everything, but we constantly forget that the most powerful totalitarism does not give rise to a dictatorial political regime, which, by the way, does not even exist in the village of the blind, but the very social contract.

It is the social contract that gives rise to the principles of morality and law, which, at the initial, conceptual, let’s say, stage, are formalized, for example, into commandments, and only with the development of state institutions turn into laws. The social contract works even now, and much more bloodthirsty than the same laws, take for example the culture of abolition that reigns today in the “most developed and most non-totalitarian” Western society.

Here it is – real totalitarianism in action, not everyone is able to survive the ostracism, condemnation and persecution that falls on “having their own opinion”. Therefore, conformism wins, dictating to merge with the crowd and give up your “unnecessary eyes” – be like everyone else, and then they will not kick you, but you yourself will be able to kick the smart guy who dared not agree with us – condemning and stigmatizing!

And without seeing this, we condemn the inhabitants of the village of the blind for deciding to blind Nunez? Isn’t our society daily and hourly engaged in the same thing? But the blind wished Nunez well, and this was not the sole decision of some totalitarian tyrant, no, it was the general opinion of the whole society, by the way, adopted at a meeting of elders, that is, the democratic principle, oddly enough, was observed, and even Nunez’s beloved begged him to agree to the operation, because then he would become like everyone else, and he himself would feel better .. Nunez fled, he chose freedom and sight … although in his case it meant choosing death, most likely he would die in the snows of the mountains through which he cannot pass. But Wells left the ending open – each reader can choose their own vision of the ending.